RSA Europe 2008 starts today…

October 27, 2008

Good morning everybody or at least those who are in a time zone similar to GMT 🙂  RSA Europe starts today and I am sitting in the press room scheduling out my day.  For those interested, my itinerary follows:

10:00 – Keynote – Arthur W. Coviello, Jr. – Executive Vice President EMC
Information Security: From Ineffective to Innovative

While security spending continues to rise, companies are not feeling particularly more secure today than they did five years ago.  Art Coviello will explore this paradox and share with us how focusing on the key variables of vulnerability, probability and materiality can enable us to effectively balance the risk/reward equation.

10:40 – Keynote – Panel – Moderator Christopher Kuner – Partner and Head, Hunton & Williams
Online Privacy and the World of Behavioural Targeting: Challenges and Options

A moderated panel discussion about the move towards behavioural targeting in advertising and what impact this may have on online privacy and security.

11:30 – Chris Batten – Managing Director, Acumin
Managing your own Security Career

Careers in information security are difficult to navigate as the industry changes at an ever increasing pace.  This session addresses the important skills, traits and knowledge one needs to find and keep the kind of position that challenges you and helps you grow while be well compensated.

13:15 – Amichai Shulman – Co-Founder & CTO, Imperva
Google-Hacking and Google-Shielding

Data leakage via search engines is an every increasing problem.

14:30 – Dennis McCallam – Chief Security Architect – Northrop Gruman
Out with Traditional Authentication and Protection – In with New Data-Centric Security and Aggregated Authentication

Dennis will demonstrate a cost-effective data-centric enterprise approach using user cases that show the operational flexity and significant advantages of this type of approach.

16:00 Neil Costigan – Technical Advisor, BehavioSec – Peder Nordstrom – CTO, BehviorSec
Why Settle with Conventional Authentication when Behaviormetrics Go Beyond it?

Behaviormetrics monitors a user’s session continuously to determine if that user is in fact the one associated with the credentials used for authentication.

There is a reception this evening and of course the exhibition hall is open all day. Should be a busy day.

Have a great morning, afternoon or evening as the case may be.