Information Security Bits for May 12th, 2008

First, I changed the title of these posts to be a little more clear. Maybe nobody else cares, but it was bothering me 🙂 Anyway, on with the show.

Jennifer posted on Friday about a new revision of 8.2.1x being put out. She points out some items that the new -REV is going to have included.

Matthew Hinman has the first post of what will be a very interesting series on malware analysis and reverse engineering. Well worth the read. I look forward to the posts to come.

Another great post by GNUCITIZEN on using plain old telnet and bash to perform portscans. Cool stuff.

Ory’s blog at Watchfire has a pointer to Charles which is a nifty looking tool. It’s a proxy that, among other things, lets you simulate line speeds and act as a man-in-the middle https proxy enabling you to “debug” https sessions. 🙂

A list of “hacker tools” is brought to us by Dark Visitor. We should probably be keeping any eye out for any of these tools showing up on our networks/systems.

Have great day folks!



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