Interesting Bits – May 6th, 2008

Hello all. This is a bit later than usual. Been a busy day.

@innismir was hunting for some statistics on data loss and breaches. @bkdelong set him up with a link to which is awesome. Check it out.

FarfromR00tin has an interesting post about a nifty way to gather information about which version of Vista a user may be using. Always helpful to know what your target is running.

JonesJ posted Communication about risk – part 1 which is a good read. Framing is important when we talk about risk.

Danny McPherson over at Arbor Networks posts How Solid Is Your DNS Architecture? where he explores the recent YouTube outage that was caused by DNS issues.

Charl is raising money for CNCF by participating in GobiMarch. Any donations go directly to CNCF since the team is paying for all of their expenses personally.

Mitchell Ashley talks about Measuring Leadership. Several very good points are made.

There is a post up at 0x000000 talking about HTTP Source Streaming. Another case of a vulnerability that is “old school”, but still very prevalent.

That’s it for today. Have a good rest of the day!



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