Interesting Bits – April 30th, 2008

Howdy everybody. Once again we have some really good stuff that has been put out on the Intarweb in the last 24 hours or so. So here we go:

Pricing Consulting Services > > Passion, People and Principles

Seed Racing « Neohapsis Labs

CERT on Securing your web browser | tssci security

An update on Protocol hopping covert channels | tssci security

IT Security: The view from here: nihaorr1 attack explained

Up or Out: Solving the IT Turnover Crisis – The Daily WTF

Best Practices For DLP Content Discovery: Part 4 |

Best Practices for DLP Content Discovery: Part 5 |

Security Thoughts: Because Hackers Don’t Care… (Why Metrics Don’t Work)

Matasano Chargen » Retsaot is Toaster, Reversed: Quick ‘n Dirty Firmware Reversing

Rational Survivability: Clouding the Issue: Separating “Securing Virtualization” from “Virtualizing Security”

Security Is Simple: Only Use Perfect Software : UAC: Desert Topping, or Floor Wax?

Rational Survivability: All Your Virtualized PCI Compliance Are Belong To Us…

Wireless modem considerations – Malta Info Security

Thoughts of a Technocrat: Humor: CIA Coffee Mug

There ya go. Have fun and have a great day!



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