Interesting Bits – April 29th, 2008

Good morning. Another busy day in the blogosphere. We have another good batch of interesting missives today.

Risk and Understanding All the Variables « Neohapsis Labs – New versions of fgdump and pwdump released

Risk Management and Car Talk |

iPhone Security Tip: Never Memorize Wireless Networks |

Robert Penz Blog » Plausibility checks

Gin, Television, and Social Surplus – Here Comes Everybody

P2P Security Study Released – Realtime IT Compliance

TippingPoint | DVLabs | Owning Kraken Zombies, a Detailed Dissection

Napera Networks » 1st Pacific Rim Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

Hack in the Box: Dubai | Infosec Events

Black Hat Europe 2008 | Infosec Events

Random Thoughts from Joel’s World: Focus

PDF, Let Me Count the Ways… « Didier Stevens

Security Thoughts: Security Catalyst Forums

Service Level Automation in the Datacenter: Yahoo goes Social with Paas Offering

Security x.0 – 2FA is dead

Coding Horror: Programmers

Don’t Read Books — But You Should

Intentional Security Blindness |

Yup, a bunch of stuff. Happy reading and have a great day!



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