Interesting Bits – April 28th, 2008

I was away for a couple days, so the list today is a bit longer. Some good stuff though:

Visit to the Workshop: A Do It Yourself Identity Management Solution (IdM)

Blunt Instruments

Web 2.0 and “Defense in Depth”

Whose Risk?

Was the LendingTree Insider Data Breach Avoidable?

Be careful with what you leave behind

5 Security Metrics That Matter

Cloud Stacks: Please Mind The Gap

Spear Phishing with Better Business Bureau complaints

What Was Your Epiphany?<

12 Signs that Your Company is Already in the Cloud

Wireless Scanning

Dissecting the Automatic Patch-Based Exploit Generator

10 Myths About Life As An IT Security Professional

My Webapplication Firewall.

Have a great day!



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