Interesting Bits – April 24th, 2008

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening depending on where you are or when you read this. Another day full on interesting bits on the intarwebs. – Dave Lewis talks about the difference between the reality of work as a CISO compared to the work of the average 9-5er. He is interested in your feedback.

Vladuz goes down. A case study for corporate activism
– Richard Stiennon talks about cross jurisdictional cooperation between law enforcement agencies and companies.

My Information Security and Privacy Convergence Webcast Now Available – Realtime IT Compliance – Rebbecca Harold did a webcast for ISSA that is now available.

Security4all: The dangers of Web 2.0: information gathering tactics 101 – Benny Ketelslegers has a post up about the information we leave behind as we interact on the web. He points to a tool called maltego which can help you see what is out there.

Data Classification Is Dead – rmogull has put forth an interesting perspective on Data Classification.

Vulnerability notifications? – Keels Leune talks about customer notification when no verifiable breach has occurred and if it is warranted.

How to audit an Internet Facing Server with Nessus – The folks over at Tenable have some guidance on using Nessus to audit and Internet facing server.

Darknet points us to a nifty tool called Pash-the-Hash that allows us change our credentials in memory.

That’s it for now.  Have a great morning/afternoon/evening.



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  1. bk says:

    That security4all link seems broken (or rather also refers to securosis)

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