Men in Information Security…don’t be an a**

DonkeyStacy Thayer posted this on her blog about an experience she had at RSA. A short summary is someone was questioning the existence of competent women in information security. Stacy was called over by Jack Daniel to refute this particular “gentlemen’s” point of view. She was treated poorly and kudos to Jack for attempting to change a misconception.

I am not writing this to talk about all the great women who are involved in Information Security. There are plenty. I am writing this because I am really annoyed by the behavior of the individual who made the observation and then, as Stacy says “your first move is to objectify them.”

Gentlemen, don’t be an a**. It isn’t hard. Just treat women with the same respect and consideration as you would a man in a similar position. Notice I said the same respect and consideration you would show a man. Not more and not because she is a women.

Now I personally believe women should be treated with even more respect and consideration than a man. Heck, they have to put up with us.

Anyway, I’ll hop off my soap box now.



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